Special Texts

This page is dedicated to a few of the most important essays I’ve had published. I’ll restrict this list to items easily available.

Art and Submission – An attempt to explore what art requires from viewers.

Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park Series: Provisional Action, Provisional Vision – A foray into the recent traveling retrospective of Richard Diebenkorn’s iconic series.

Doves: An Anniversary Memory – Looking back at nine years of marriage through an album I first heard the day before the wedding.

Hammers and Bells – The talk I delivered at the opening of The Bell, Struck: Tondos by Tim Lowly and Matt Ballou, an exhibition that took place in June 2011 in Louisville, KY.

Her Cities and Her Birth Mother – A contemplation stemming from visiting my second daughter’s home city, Luoyang, in Henan Province, China.

Omen: Wars and Rumors of Wars – Catalog essay for an exhibition of The Omen Series paintings in Chicago in 2006.

On Intuition and Analysis – A look at art’s eternal dyad.

Our Weights – What is our art asking of us as makers? What do we ask of our art?

Relics From Another World – A feature interview with Joey Borovicka published by The New Territory.

Second Horizon: The Changing Vision of Odd Nerdrum – This essay, written for Image Journal, focused on how Odd Nerdrum’s work had changed in the first half of the 2000s and an analysis of the themes that were emerging. The piece was honored as the Summer 2006 Cover Feature.

Standing Beside Gods – An essay exploring what it has meant for me to interact with one of Elliott Erwitt’s photographs.

Subjectivity and Robert Henri – A look at artistic subjectivity via Robert Henri’s seminal text The Art Spirit.

A book of essays, Nine Texts, is available in standard paperback version at Amazon and in an ereader version here.

A catalog published in tandem with my large exhibition at William Woods University, which covers my work from 2000-2012 is available here.

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