Ox-Bow 2001-2011

These posts were created as a remembrance and contemplation regarding my time as a Fellowship Resident at Ox-Bow during the Summer of 2001. I arrived at Ox-bow on May 27th, 2001 and left the last week of August that year… These commemorative posts appeared during the corresponding time period in 2011, a decade after the events they describe.

1) Ten Years Gone.

2) Music for Reading A Mnemonic of Longing.

3) Alex: Ox-bow Man and Boy of Summer.

4) Pyramid Song, Summer 2001.

5) A Poetry of Moments.

6) Sense of Place.

7) Into Dust.

8) The Ox-Bow Studio.

9) Ox-Bow as Self-Portrait.

10) A Sound of Being.

11) A Submission to Delights.

12) Disembodied Desire.

13) It was a record, that flaming consumer.

14) Half light – the time of soul sense.

15) All These Remainders.

I made a few posts about Ox-Bow prior to this particular project, the most significant of which is this one:

0) Lutz Art, Ox-Bow 2001.

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