Scale and Translate

Here are two examples of the Scale and Translate idea for Prompt 3:

9291983413_d0e1082b10_oRelevant Anachronisms (Study). Colored Pencil on Paper, 13 inches in diameter.

9291983651_d5080c739d_oRelevant Anachronisms. Gouache on Paper, 13 inches in diameter.


Study for Reciprocal. Colored Pencil on Paper, 11 inches in diameter.


Reciprocal. Oil on panel, 24 inches in diameter.

In both of the above examples, I began with exploratory studies into subject matter and formal structures/compositions that interested me. Both were built from direct observation after spending significant time arranging the objects and lighting the spaces.

There were more studies than appear above. These studies were simply taken the farthest and seemed to be most evocative for me. In the subsequent, primary works, you can see that I changed scale, compositional arrangement, and medium. In Reciprocal, the change is more pronounced in terms of a media change, but both examples show huge shifts in the scale and angle of view of the subject matter.