She Knows What She’s Doing…

2013-01-11 19.20.15

2013-04-18 19.52.14

…even though I usually don’t. There’s a lot behind that sentiment, a lot of innate ability and hard-won skill. And there’s grace and faith working in her – so much going on beyond the surface. I’m so thankful for this woman. To think that on this very day 6 months ago we were standing in a government office in China and meeting CaiQun for the first time. In that 6 months Alison has fully become mom to two. In spite of all of my failings, she makes this family run.



2013-03-18 18.27.31

2013-05-28 09.03.25


My daughter Madeleine CaiQun is 3 years old today. From north central China to the middle of America, she’s had a huge life journey so far. What a strange, beautiful, inspiring blessing you are, Mei Mei. XOXOX

Light Study

2013-08-11 06.01.30-1

Above are two studies of light effects I made last week while traveling to visit family. Left is from sunlight glare through a window onto a wall/ceiling in the Fine Arts Building. Right is from a tableau of multiple light beams through an empty PBR case. Click the image for a large version.

I almost always carry a special art-making case of paper, gouache, collage material, and colored pencils with me on vacations to visit family. Got some good stuff this time.

More later.