2015-2017 WHENEVERwhen Digital Studies


A good deal of my development of the WHENEVERwhen series works has happened digitally – often just as notational sketches for compositional movements. I’m showing a few different categories of these works below. The first few are pure notes – literally made in my iPad’s note app. The second grouping comes from printing out my “note” drawings and working back into them with ink, acrylic, etc. These are all around 10 inches square.

There are also a group of digital pieces that began as physical works, were scanned in, then modified digitally and reprinted. One of these is shown below (you can see the original here).

A final group are more refined compositions that I have built in ProCreate and other iPad-based drawing/painting apps. These works are often printed out LARGE – I’ve printed my digital work out up to 40 by 40 inches. The two examples below are a bit smaller, roughly 16×20 inches.

Here’s a shot of that second piece, printed out and ready for framing. I really love this one: