1997-2001 Landscape-Based Abstractions

These works represent the trajectory of my personal work during my undergraduate years. My primary medium at this time was acrylic, and I was working out of my interest in artists such as Richard Diebenkorn and David Park. As I finished out my education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, my teachers Frank Piatek, Barbara Rossi, Jim Lutes, and Anoka Faruqee became strong influences. Eventually I moved toward oil and chalk pastels and various ink and acrylic washes in a large series of drawn paintings, Locus.

The five images include in this section are examples of some of the photography I was making as studies (and for assignments). Early in my education photography was something that I used to help me see what my eye was draw to, what my aesthetic values were.

The Locus series was collected in a small book. You can get a copy by clicking below: