Ballou Talk at University of Missouri, July 2010

On July 21, 2010, I gave a talk at the University of Missouri. I’m posting the audio and my slide show as a 47 minute video for people who are interested. This isn’t a highly detailed academic type discourse at all – it is a very general overview of my interests/inspirations and a discussion of where my work has been going over the last few years. The video is embedded below – give it a few seconds to appear:

Feel free to email me or post comments of you have questions or thoughts.

Beccafumi Cartoons at the Pinacoteca Nationale in Siena

The next time you’re in Italy, make sure you swing into The Pinacoteca Nationale in Siena to see Beccafumi‘s massive cartoons. I’m posting a few images of them below, photos I took while visiting Italy in 2005 – click on each for a large view.

Siena’s Pinacoteca has a number of other great Beccafumi works as well. His strange use of color and idiosyncratic figuration set him apart – they’re well worth the time to see them in person.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ten Years On

I graduated from SAIC nearly 10 years ago, and I’ve got a lot of memories from there. At first, right after I graduated, I was pretty negative about my experience. I felt as if they’d denied me some aspect of my education necessary to my future, that they’d tried to indoctrinate me, that they’d treated me like a number, not an artist.

In ways I was right, but in a lot of ways I was wrong. I’ve since gotten over it and look back with fondness, thankful that I grew so much during those years. One of the ways in which I grew was in my attention to the things that drew my eye. I began to document heavily, shooting thousands of photographs in the last couple years of my undergraduate career. Below I’ve posted some of those images. These are all from SAIC hallways and environs circa 1999/2000. I was obsessed with the angles, passages of light, and transitioning spaces in the places I saw every day.

Above, looking through the peep hole of my dorm door, 112 South Michigan Ave, 9th floor. This space no longer exists. Below, the elevator I took so many times.

Dead birds (they constantly flew headlong into the bank of windows on that facade, then fell, in droves, into the water below), dead leaves, and my shadow in a pool outside the lake side of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Two stairwell views on the way to the Advanced Painting studios (above and below).

Another stairwell view, light on the landing.

Glass and light, looking up toward the Advanced Painting studios.

Sunlight glances through the shades of my 13th floor (the smoking floor) dorm at 162 North State Street.