Dodecahedron Bronze, Part 3


Worked on the investment mold for my bronze with Chris again a few days ago. Above is the “before” picture… and below is a pictorial of the process.







This was one of about 12 iterations of the same process. Eventually the wax will be entirely coated with the investment and a fine silica sand. In a week or so we’ll aim at the actual bronze pouring. I’ll have pictures of that as well!

Dodecahedron Bronze, Part 1

the wax

chris working the wax

Today I began preparations for making my first bronze work. I brought my wax work to Chris Morrey (a just-graduated MFA in sculpture from the University of Missouri) for approval/adjustments. We worked together to clean up the piece a bit (later on I’ll describe why I wanted this piece to have the form it does) and develop a strategy for the sprue system that will deliver the molten bronze to my form. I’ll update here as we continue – I’m excited!