Iconoclast, Stage 12 or 13

ballou iconoclast stage 12 detail

Well, I’m still moving forward on the Iconoclast painting. It’s now rounding the final corner and I’m feeling the tensions and densities that I was aiming for coming out. Above is a detail showing the working, building, statement and restatement across the structures of the head and upper body. Below is a full shot of the piece. I’ll add some statement regarding the reasons for the piece and what I’m aiming at with it once it has announced its completion… probably a couple weeks.

ballou iconoclast 12

Iconoclast, Stage 4


Had some major issues with this painting. Had to regroup and get started again. It’s pretty dense right now in terms of surface, but this shot was taken right after getting back under way. We’ll see where the thing goes this week…

Iconoclast – In Progress

here’s “iconoclast” in progress… it’s looking a bit rough at this point. stages two (way down there) and three (right below) are here in any case. i’ll have to post some of the studies and sources i’ve used for this pose/idea sometime soon…



ok, ok… so it’s a bit melodramatic. still in the first working hours here, people. give me a break.