Microsoft Thinks You Are Ugly…

…and believes you wish you were someone else. Someone more attractive. Someone who conforms to the distorted notions of western cultural ideals. Is this REALLY the way to sell operating systems?

Apparently this woman…
Picture 9

wishes she looked like this:
Picture 8
and this man:
Picture 5
wishes he looks like this:
Picture 2
while this woman:
Picture 11
believes this version of herself is more attractive, desirable, beautiful, or acceptable:
Picture 10

See for yourself here and here.

Basically, Microsoft thinks you wish you were something other than you are and that this wish for otherness will lead you to their products.

Thinner. Airbrushed. Whiter. Wow. What a horrific marketing campaign. People often condemn Mac users for being too-cool hipsters who pay top dollar for their gadgets… at least they aren’t marketing self-hatred.