“SPACE SHIP!” – Miranda Grace

My daughter loves watching Star Trek: The Next Generation these days.

When we bring up Netflix to watch an episode, she shouts about SPACE SHIP! and DATA! – yep, it’s pretty cute. Here she is looking through my Star Trek “Ships of the Line” book. She always parks on the images of the Enterprise D, naturally.

USS Claudius Galenus (LEGO Star Trek Stuff)

I wanted to try creating an Oberth Class Federation ship and conceived of this one as a refitted/re-purposed version of the classic class of ships that operated in the Star Trek universe from early 2280s through the late 2300s. I see this particular ship (which I’ve christened USS Claudius Galenus after the famous Roman physician) as a modification of the earlier design meant to keep it in service throughout the latter half of the 2300s. Here’s more on the Oberth Class.

Below are some scenes I’ve thrown together – click for larger versions…

In Earth Orbit.

Cruising out of the Saturn System.

In the general environs of the Tarantula Nebula.

You can see more of my Star Trek stuff here:

USS Abblasen

Some Trek drawings here and here.

It’s a generational thing: my daughter looking up to Captain Picard…