Neoteric Art Writings

I’m a contributor to Neoteric Art, a brainchild of William Dolan and Norbert Marszalek. Good guys, both of ’em. Check out my latest short text about Richard Diebenkorn and my older piece on Cecily Brown and Linda Nochlin at the Des Moines Art Center.

Short Thoughts on Loving Diebenkorn’s Work

Visions of Violence and Pleasure: Cecily Brown and Linda Nochlin at the Des Moines Art Center

I’m looking forward to future writings appearing at Neoteric Art.

Iconoclast, Stage 4


Had some major issues with this painting. Had to regroup and get started again. It’s pretty dense right now in terms of surface, but this shot was taken right after getting back under way. We’ll see where the thing goes this week…

The Nature of Art

People are just as convinced that they are having a true experience of art when they see a work in reproduction as they are of believing that verisimilitude is the ultimate measure of value in a work of art.

Can’t we see this insanity for what it is?

It’s a circular logic meant to establish the mechanical and the processed over the physically experienced and subjective. Find me someone who thinks a good work of art is something that “looks just like!” something else and I’ll show you a person who is satisfied with mere reproduction, divorced sensation, advertisement, and disengagement.

Being with objects or people or places is NOTHING like mere pictures of objects or people or places. representational art has to go beyond mere depiction if it wants to be anything like reality since reality is nothing like mere depiction.

Iconoclast – In Progress

here’s “iconoclast” in progress… it’s looking a bit rough at this point. stages two (way down there) and three (right below) are here in any case. i’ll have to post some of the studies and sources i’ve used for this pose/idea sometime soon…



ok, ok… so it’s a bit melodramatic. still in the first working hours here, people. give me a break.