I’ve been obsessed with the sign shown above for months. As you can see from the image below, it’s located in an unused, locked lobby at a Landmark Bank location. Why would there be a neon HEAVEN sign at a bank? What does it mean? Is it art? Is it irony? Anyone out there have thoughts? Click on the pics for a clearer view…

4 thoughts on “Heaven?

  1. I think interesting. Heaven is not accessible as is this lobby and the sign is unobtainable like Heaven. Unless you actually know for a fact already you will end up in Heaven. I don’t know that. Also the fact we put our money in the bank and keep accounts similar to the accounts or whatever on our sins and good deeds and all that. Or if you live paycheck to paycheck and are like so happy and it’s like a miracle you have money in your account at all at times. It’s funny. I think it’s really ironic and also it would be cool if they opened up this lobby at certain times. Like every night at 3am, or Sunday nights it opens up and a line of people show up. That would be funny. Also a interesting art piece on how we want to get into stuff that is limited to us. How many people would rush there to get in. I really like this. The colors blue and green. Totally spiritual.

  2. I think it’s actually a secret night club. That’s why the building is always glowing.

    Or it is incredible bank marketing towards christians. Think “Storing treasure in heaven…”

  3. I don’t get it, but it’s at least good to know someone else has noticed it and found it intriguing. I feel obligated to make a comment about it to Aarik every single time we drive by.

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