These Precious Things

We’ve gotten a lot of awesome practical gifts from friends and family in anticipation of Miranda joining us this coming May. Everything has been wonderful and much appreciated; it’s always humbling when friends find a way to be particularly thoughtful in joining with me in some joy.

But two of the gifts we’ve received recently have felt strikingly beautiful to me. I want to share them below…

An artwork by Jen.

This piece, a printwork created from many layers of oil monotypes, is related to a group of works that Jen Meanley showed at Manifest in Cincinnati, OH over the past month. Jen sent it out of the blue when she heard Alison and I were pregnant. I love it and feel honored to have it.

I know Jen from grad school. She was such a strong presence at IU; her paintings and intelligence both intimidated and awed me during my time there. I’m glad we have continued to communicate over the years and I love that her’s will be among the first art Miranda will see.

A rattle from Connie.

Connie Gillock is a longtime friend of ours. I first met her at Ox-Bow in the summer of 2001. Connie has shown herself to be a master gift-giver; it’s a skill she’s fostered in her daughters. I can sense the great joy they get from giving, and appreciate how they keep it simple and genuine. This beautiful silver rattle is amazingly elegant… I can’t wait to see it in Miranda’s hands.

Thanks, Jen. Thanks, Connie.

One thought on “These Precious Things

  1. The art work by Jen is so amazing. Thank you for posting a photo so that we can all enjoy it.

    My time with you and Alison was so wonderful. You and Alison drove in heavy traffic in the snow to visit me and my family. Thank you for sharing your precious time with us.

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