The Log Cabin, 1991-1992

In the summer and fall of 1991 my cousin Chris and I constructed a log cabin in the woods outside of Camden, NY. Click here to see the area where the cabin existed.

Chris and I constructed a number of shelters and cabins while growing up. This one was perhaps our most ambitious attempt. The images below trace a path from my childhood home to the cabin. They start at the old homestead on Wolcott Hill Road (a home that no longer exists) where I lived between 1976 and 1995 or so.

…moving on to the Road itself…

…along the hills and ridges (the cabin is in the distance)…

…and right up to the front door.

As you can see, we we didn’t finish the chinking and other weathering materials before the storms of the winter came. Later on in the year the landowner found the cabin and instructed us to remove it.

We did… and built another one a few miles away. But that’s another post.

It was a great thing to be a part of, this cabin construction period of ours. Lots of life lessons learned, brother.

2 thoughts on “The Log Cabin, 1991-1992

  1. That’s a great cabin. I started one once and got the walls up. We only worked on it for a day or two though. It was up on Skinner Settlement Road. Was in about 1974.

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