I’m Verso

Sharon Butler‘s great blog, Two Coats of Paint, carried an interesting piece today about how artists sign their work and what that might mean.

I’m a verso, pretty much always signing the back or in a place where it won’t be seen when prepped for display. It’s a specific choice… the signature is a formal element and a conceptually potent one at that. Putting mine on the verso sets identification but lets the image be image. It’s not a conceit of preciousness or faux-humility; I just don’t want the text of my name in the way of a picture I’ve constructed for certain reasons. Click each image to see the front side.

And here you can see a short review of one of my paintings Ms. Butler wrote, via the Thinking About Art blog. Thinking About Art was a project of J.T. Kirkland, a fantastic artist in his own right. Check out his site here.

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