On Spirituality: Emerging Visions of the Spiritual

“On Spirituality: Emerging Visions of the Spiritual”

Marshall University, Gallery 842,
842 4th Avenue, Huntington, WV

Jan. 21- Feb 18th.
Opening Reception: January 21st, 8-6pm

Included Artists:

Matthew Ballou
Jared Clark
Jeff Guy
Stacy Isenbarger
Leonor Jurado
Natalie Larsen
Casey Smith
Rusty Wallace
Charles Westfall

My statement for the show:

“These works on paper are part of a series exploring the formal elements of an ancient geometric form called the dodecahedron. Made from twelve pentagons, the dodecahedron was thought by Plato to be the physical shape of the universe. It was the fifth – the quintessential – of his famous Five Solids. This Solid carries with it a number of metaphysical meanings, not the least of which is the notion of an amoral stage or arena within which the machinations of reality take place. In my works, the angles, shapes, and semi-tessellation of the layered dodecahedra bridge the distance between the organic and the mathematic, between the known and the unknowable, between physical description and metaphysical intuition. These contemplations re-imagine those of Saint Augustine, who saw spiritual epiphany as inherent in rational inquiry.”

One of my works in the show, Quintessence #4:

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