Transpositions Feature: A Short Essay on Faith, Art and Teaching

I was recently invited to present an essay of reflections on teaching and faith by the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland. The piece has been made available online, so check it out:

Generosity of Spirit: A Perspective on Faith, Art, and Teaching

And here are a couple shots by Columbia Missourian photographer Michelle Kannan, taken during my Summer Session class this past July. I’ve never had any documentation of myself teaching before (other than audio), so the images that Michelle took are nice for me. I think they capture some of the excitement and passion I try to bring to the classroom.

2 thoughts on “Transpositions Feature: A Short Essay on Faith, Art and Teaching

  1. the essay is very nice, matt. generosity of spirit is a path toward creating a reciprocal cycle of much fuller human beings.

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