Inspiration – Marilynne Robinson

Check out the fantastic lectures by Marilynne Robinson from the Dwight H Terry Lectureship at Yale. These talks, which took place in 2009, are full of valuable information and perspectives. Any thoughtful, engaged person will be both encouraged and exhorted to press deeper into understanding by Ms Robinson’s words.

You can buy the book that sprung from these lectures here.

Above: Untitled gouache sketch from 2008, 18 by 10 inches. Click for enlargement. I was thinking of Hanneline Rogeberg’s images of the body in tension, but also trying to find images that translated bodily discomfiture into a key to internal dialogue, questioning, and machination. How do you turn a sphere inside out? A mind inside out? The self inside out? Listen to Marilynne Robinson’s lectures for some answers…

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