The Greatest Mix Tape/CD/USB/Playlist I’ve Ever Received

Back in 2009 or so one of my students, Tina, gave me a collection of songs. I knew of her audiophile tendencies. I knew she had good taste. I knew she was an artist and a scholar and a writer and a thinker and an all-around quality individual. So it was with great anticipation that I began to play this mix. Little did I know that years later it would still be a staple of my iTunes, a cornerstone of my sonic environment, a touchstone to contemplation and significance.

So here it is, in all of its glory. Where I can find a link to a song, I’ll place a link. If I were you I’d load this beast up and let it play. And when you do, thank Tina’s good taste.

1) “Pistol of Fire” – Kings of Leon

2) “Cocaine Habit” – Old Crow Medicine Show

3) “Down to the Well” – Pixies (Tina actually gave me a rare version of the song that I can’t link to… but this is awesome anyway)

4) “Proven Lands” – Johnny Greenwood

5) “Traveling Man” – Miwa Gemini (this is a live version, different from what Tina gave me, but still awesome)

6) “That Can be Arranged” – Tom Vek

7) “Bring it on Home to Me” – Spoon (A great Sam Cooke cover)

8) “Celia of the Seals” – Donovan (One of my all time favorite songs now…)

9) “KKK” – Serge Franklin

10) “Paint the Town Red” – IMA Robot (Super intense track)

11) “Fonklogi” – Sigur Ros (Sorry, no link…)

12) “Day of the Deadringers” – McLusky

13) “List of Demands” – Saul Williams (CLASSIC)

14) “Till I Get My Way” – The Black Keys

15) “Black River Killer” – Blitzen Trapper (Like listening to a Cormac Mccarthy novel…)

16) “Pablo Picasso” – Modern Lovers (Jonathan Richman deserves rock immortality for this track, especially when you take THIS track [which is one of the greatest songs of all time] into account…)

17) Out Of Time – Blur

18) 2080 – Yeasayer

It’s a strange mix, this mix is. It’s a conflagration of narrative and imagery, of poem and scream, of hysterical missive and crafted mission. I’m thankful to Tina for giving me this particular grouping, this particular constructed meaning.

So in honor and thanks, I present here the first drawing Tina made for me. It was a drawing that told me she had some serious ability. In spite of its humble scope, this drawing really has some serious understanding behind it. Tina went on to make great drawings in subsequent classes, but I know her life path will be much more expansive and contain much more amazing visions. I’m glad I got to witness a bit of it. Here’s to you, Tina! Thanks for the music!

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