It’s hard traveling with a 2 year old

I was going to do a big reflection about our time up on the Great Wall today, but the day has been extremely long and we travel to CaiQun’s province early tomorrow… All that and Miranda has had a rough time of it. Fevers and jet lag and no appetite and not understanding what’s going on and going from high excitement to a breakdown in moments… In ways I feel like we’re torturing her. I do think she’s enjoying a lot of this – see the pics below – singing on the bus, such a trooper on the Great Wall, etc. but there has also been the complete exhaustion, both physically and emotionally for her, as you can see. It’s hard to see her sad. But we will make it through. My post on the Great Wall will wait for another day.




3 thoughts on “It’s hard traveling with a 2 year old

  1. I do think it was good you took her with you, I’m sure she’ll remember somethings for the rest of her life ! But I can well imagine it was also hard for her, so many different impressions and so many “strange” people, foreign food, strange beds etc…

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