Family of Four, Day One

I am emotionally and physically exhausted. Completely wiped out.

Both girls are sleeping peacefully next to each other right now. It’s a glory to see. There were some tears from CaiQun tonight, but also (after a while) smiles, laughter, and even finger pointing to tell Dad where to go and what to do.

A great day.

So many of the people I’ve known, worked with, studied with, taught, or been taught by have supported us in many different ways thru this journey. I am incredibly thankful for you all. As each one likes, comments, or otherwise acknowledges us at this time I feel a huge wave of thanks. This wouldn’t have been possible without a couple hundred people getting behind us. THANK YOU for little moments like the one pictured here – CaiQun drawing on my Kindle after nap time. Awesome.


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