Inspiration – Kenn Neely

Over the years I’ve made quite a few posts about artists who inspire me. Today I’m putting Kenn Neely in that group.

photo 1Kenn’s work desk – beautiful chaos.

Kenn has always been a maker and tinkerer. His quirky objects take cues from natural surfaces and geometries, as well as from the likes of Alexander Calder and Paul Klee. Kenn works with scrap metal and wire, found objects which he modifies or embellishes, and a variety of wood. Kenn’s wife, Julie, is a great graphic designer who went to RISD. Their home is full of art and warmth.

photo 2A Neely-enhanced cabinet.

asdgphotoOne of the vintage objects in the Neely home. This stool is just classic.

Kenn also makes jewelry, and you can see some of that work here at his Etsy shop. I own a number of Kenn Neely originals, and he’s got some of my work hanging in his home. He’s a thoughtful, genuine man. It was a joy to sit with him and his boys yesterday and make some crafts while chatting over coffee. Good times and a real blessing.

photo 3 The melty bead art thing I made with Kenn’s young sons. It’s sitting on a purple sketchbook that Kenn gave me as a gift.

Thanks for being an Inspiration, Kenn!

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