Bike-Desk, Desk-Bike

I decided to construct a bike desk (or desk bike?) a few weeks ago. I was in the midst of looking up conversion kits (so I could modify my normal bike into a stationary type) when I got lucky and found an old BH Vitoria España stationary bike. BH has quite a storied history and this model is really high end. It feels like a quality item even after being at least 20 years old and having been sitting outside for quite a while. I made some modifications to it, then set about working out the ‘desk’ part of the whole thing.


I added four foot long leg extensions to a small child-size work table, then set things up in the basement. After a few sessions today I think it’s nearly complete. It feels fairly comfortable and is definitely portable. I also like that I can use the table on its own as a standing desk.



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