I’ve got a lot going on these days: some shows happening, some great visits with 5th graders at a local arts elementary school, and my own students really powering through the deep, hard content of the semester (not to mention the latest installments of Becoming the Student series, a few of which are REALLY backing up!). I really want to write about all of that (and write back to GEO, and write to my grandmother, and my high school art teacher, and, and, and… so many other things)…

But stories, people. STORIES.

This week I had my Beginning Drawing students work in Hitt Street Garage here at the University of Missouri. They were working some really challenging 180 degree perspective drawings… they didn’t really need me right on top of them the whole time. So as I made my “rounds” – walking up and down through the 5 level parking garage – I listened to the first two episodes of the new podcast called SERIAL.

It’s compelling, to say the least. The beginning of the first episode is gripping, emotionally intense, and absorbing. It has the feeling of investigative journalism mixed with a unique kind of (for lack of better words) memory-like-situational-recall that makes it sort of like a noir representation of recent history. Huge questions loom, and life-changing events take place. There’s an eery sense of “something else is going on here” in the narrative. It’s got everything. If you liked the movies Brick or Donnie Darko, you’ll get into this. Get over there and try it out. I know I’ll be in line for every upcoming episode this season. I need to know what really happened to Hae Min and if Adnan really deserves what he has received. Sarah Koenig is rocking this new project.

Go there now and check out Episode #01. Click the image below to get started.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.29.57 PM


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