Recent Artist’s Talk and Q&A

My current solo show, The Eternal Idol: Conflict, Impossible Scenes, and the Denial of Human Value, is on view right now (April 4-June 2, 2019) in the Montminy Gallery inside the Boone County Museum.

Detail of Head and Hole.

The exhibition features older work based in personal and spiritual conflict. One such piece is from 2001, created along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan amid the reverie of a pre-social-media world. A number of the large drawings were begun in 2006 and 2007 behind the apartment we rented on Elmwood Avenue in Evanston, Illinois. Little did I know then that those works would find their completion more than a decade later in Mid Missouri after many iterations.

The most recent paintings came from my fury over the US bombing of a Doctor’s Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan in October of 2015.

Detail of Current Events.

All of the works represent my ongoing attempt to picture the impossible spaces created by our collective unwillingness to constrain power, war, greed, consumerism, and ignorance – in ourselves and in society at large. Whether using documentary photos and videos or inventing from the history of the human form as a zone of violent incidence, I attempt to make plain the foolishness of conflict, oppression, and war.

At the reception event for this exhibition, I gave a talk and took questions from the audience. I present that talk here as a video, which features many images of the works on display and a number of photos taken during the reception event.

Detail of The Falling.

Here you can watch the video I’ve uploaded to YouTube. I’d love to hear any thoughts or questions you have – hell, I’ll even respond with more details if you ask me any!

2 thoughts on “Recent Artist’s Talk and Q&A

  1. How odd Mr. Nordstrom. He was born way up north where the trail owns the law. Whip slapped & undertapped he went peacefully enough, kicking and screaming at a situation close to meaning, we must grab up our bits an be gone. Summer too, see the tumbleweeds packing the fence up right good. Maw’s pullen rootabagus, Elk trumpet Autumn and them big ol CatFish swim on quite undisturbed. When they come to the surface……..they’ll be swimming in a whole different fashion…..just watch, “They’ll be swimming round the mountain when they……..Swimming on the mountain…….? I suppose that’s clever, rocks and high stuff? As it all gets filtered out along our ever so long alluvial plane…….. Mom Watch, I’m gunna launch that ol Catfish right over the mountain. WAIT. The fish has gotta get shots. Over the mountain is a long way off.

    Shame on you Matthew. Shame on you. This is all in your head. Walk out to flowing water anywhere and it will hold fish. Not a hole full of fish and not even a whole fish although there are many or it certainly appears so. What we now look at is a completely reorganized stream lined, undermined and exploded upon contact. He had earlier spoken of four and we know two have detonated and devastated more than your handful of injuries. Heads and necks included. No mention of Holes here Matthew, would you like to fill us in?……. Januarys thaws remember summers gentile soothing hand. Warmth over deliverance , a delicate repetitive prelude to a mysterious memory. Miriam’s massive makeover had moistened membranes measuring muscle mass. Mom, make room for the meaningless multitude.

    MATTHEW! It was on the WESTERN shore. Sweet Jesus, just think it through, both Michigans, both State and Lake are to the east of us , over there. You are now much much further south, not to mention a good deal west of where you at one time called home. So to get here you would want to travel mostly……….NorthEast…..yes point, northeast. And when you got here you would be, if we walked down to the Lake, you would be on its…..?…..coast. Think of it this way: Evanston is on the SouthWestern shore. Of Lake Ontario.

    This is hard work, writing to you, without words I stumble, aimlessly through so many words, It’s odd but I feel a duty. It is rare. I gotta go


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