Inspiration: Sandra Ramos “The Mirror Poems”

Last week I was in Louisville, KY for my show at the 930 Art Center. While in town I took a drive to 21C, a contemporary art space situated in a posh hotel. 21C blew my mind, but there was one work in particular that I spent a good deal of time with: Sandra Ramos’ Unknown (The Mirror Poems – Toi Derricotte). The work, an installation of image and text on vinyl and using mirrors and inverted imagery, is very beautiful and evocative. Here are a few shots of the work in situ, but be sure to click the link above to learn more.

A few of my favorite lines:

“The eye in the mirror is the mirror of the eye.”

“If you ask it to show you the world it will show you the eye of your mother.”

If you get a chance to go to 21C, JUST GO DO IT.

Opening At 930 Art Center, Louisville, KY

My show with Tim Lowly at the 930 Art Center in Louisville, KY opened yesterday. It was a great event. Below I’m posting some general pictures.

1 ) The title wall with my piece “Seedbed #2”.

2 ) “Diviner” by Tim Lowly

3 ) General view of the gallery space.

4 ) General view with three of Lowly’s 39 inch diameter tondos near two of my smaller works.

5 ) General view of the backside of the gallery.

6 ) Two of my works.

7 ) A Detail of “Spinning” by Tim Lowly.

8 ) A shot of the crowd.

Also, after the artist talk/discussion that Tim and I led, we had two acts perform: the Sandpaper Dolls, and Tim’s Baby Mountain. Good stuff!