Opening At 930 Art Center, Louisville, KY

My show with Tim Lowly at the 930 Art Center in Louisville, KY opened yesterday. It was a great event. Below I’m posting some general pictures.

1 ) The title wall with my piece “Seedbed #2”.

2 ) “Diviner” by Tim Lowly

3 ) General view of the gallery space.

4 ) General view with three of Lowly’s 39 inch diameter tondos near two of my smaller works.

5 ) General view of the backside of the gallery.

6 ) Two of my works.

7 ) A Detail of “Spinning” by Tim Lowly.

8 ) A shot of the crowd.

Also, after the artist talk/discussion that Tim and I led, we had two acts perform: the Sandpaper Dolls, and Tim’s Baby Mountain. Good stuff!

4 thoughts on “Opening At 930 Art Center, Louisville, KY

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