Chariot Class Starship

I know that my Star Trek nerdiness isn’t appreciated by everyone, but the heart loves what it loves. I recently came upon a fan-based starship design that is really striking and interesting. This is the Chariot Class – click the image to go over to a full post of renderings on the Trekazoid blog. This ship was designed by Chris Reyes and modeled by Howard Day over at Scifi-Meshes and appears to be connected to the USS Excalibur designed by concept artist Ryan Dening (see the Excalibur here). Reyes doesn’t have his own website, but his work is posted widely. Here is his original sketch for the Chariot Class from 2004, and below it a more recent digital model of the craft:



Trekazoid also features some nice renderings of schematics for the ship (version #1, version #2), as well as a master systems display. Cool stuff.

Though I’ve been working on new Lego Star Trek stuff, I’ve not got anything to post right now. But I’ve been so interested in the Chariot Class that I’ve done a few digital drawings of it and thought I’d post them here. They’re a variation on the overall design and very simple. Perhaps I’ll flesh them out with color later. Anyway, here they are:

Screenshot 2014-02-01 15.35.26 Screenshot 2014-02-01 15.36.47These drawings were done using Sketchbook Pro and then vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. Perhaps if my friend Daniel Glosson ever gets tattoos like his brother he could use these designs.

I Draw Star Trek Ships!

ship ideaOk, I admit it: I am a fan of Star Trek. The sort of fan who views Star Trek V as non-canon. The sort of fan who favors science jargon over stupid time-travel-as-plot-device stories. I also love the tech/mech of Trek. This is partly because the ships are aesthetically pleasing to me, but also because they are annoying, awkward, and usually fail to show real design necessity and/or continuity – mostly because of capricious writers/directors/producers.

USS flying dutchman

In any case, I love imagining and re-imagining the ships. Usually my sketches combine known, canon design elements while forgoing any attempt to supplement or enhance them (as so many of the series and movie producers sought to do).

freedom class, ballou variant