I Draw Star Trek Ships!

ship ideaOk, I admit it: I am a fan of Star Trek. The sort of fan who views Star Trek V as non-canon. The sort of fan who favors science jargon over stupid time-travel-as-plot-device stories. I also love the tech/mech of Trek. This is partly because the ships are aesthetically pleasing to me, but also because they are annoying, awkward, and usually fail to show real design necessity and/or continuity – mostly because of capricious writers/directors/producers.

USS flying dutchman

In any case, I love imagining and re-imagining the ships. Usually my sketches combine known, canon design elements while forgoing any attempt to supplement or enhance them (as so many of the series and movie producers sought to do).

freedom class, ballou variant

4 thoughts on “I Draw Star Trek Ships!

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  2. How good are you? Can u draw a defiant ship scaled down to what im guessing would be 80 meters with a delta flyer as the foreward nosecone or “warhead” of the ship? Ive dremped of this ship since the delta flyer was intoduced in voyager. I call it a hyperion class vessel. Two ships in one. The flyer is the primary bridge and can sepperate into two craft. Its defiant weaponry and small manuveral size make it a perfect assult ship.

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