Those Beginning Color Drawers…

I love this Group Project we do together. Click to enlarge.

It’s 8 feet tall by 6 feet wide (or thereabouts).

4 thoughts on “Those Beginning Color Drawers…

  1. Mr Korb, your project with the Seurat work is brilliant! Great stuff. What size were the individual squares? The wrench I like to throw into this project is not letting the students know what the total image is beforehand – that way we can see the variation in sighting/measuring and color choice… often makes it hard to line things up, but we get the effect nonetheless. Thanks for sharing your students’ work – feel free to post more if there are others beside the Seurat piece.

  2. Thanks for your reply… The genius we share between us is that i do not share the original artwork with the kids. I give them each a 1″ square of the painting, printed out in color – obviously, and they then glue it to a 3″ white square. Each piece is numbered so that assembly is easier. The Seurat had about 85 pieces or so. We just assembled a Monet with 108 squares and a Romane Bearden with about 80 or so pieces. I usually split this among 3 Art Foundations classes with the unit of study as color and ratios. A bit of Math never hurt anyone. We begin with a wonderful viewing of a Chuch Close film (go figure… who better right?) and then go into a colored pencil drawing of a photograph they bring in so we understand how to use the ratio idea. From there we give out the small color prints (randomly from my fedora) and they have a choice. They either paintint the one they got or they turn it back in and I choose one randomly. We spend about a week on the painting of the squares and we finalize the project with the assembly of the work (they assemble it as a group… talk about a puzzle) and then we do some follow up about the artist.

    I started this with Value studies of Chuck Close Portraits (16 feet tall by 10 feet wide) but simplified it in years after to be color representations of paintings. We did do a Chuck close with the grid on an angle. They were flaberghasted when they saw the small squares, but were BLOWN away when the larger work was assembled. The project has changed from 5 paintings in a semester (large 12″ squares of masonite) to single paintings (5″ squares of paper, glued to masonite and then gel medium sealed).

    We have quite a collection of fine art in our building.Cassatt, Hockney, Cezanne, Close, Marc, Picasso, Matisse (by a wonderful group of extreeme needs students), Fish, DaVinci, Dine, Thiebauld, Johns, Estes (one of my FAVORITES, . The realism came through brilliantly), and there are more, I just can’t think of them all. Some turned out for garbage and we didn’s display them beyond a brief time, but they are wonderful. I love the job the kids do. I make sure they know this is a group effort and that they either participate fully or not at all, I have yet to be really disappointed. The fun is when the pieces don;t quite line up… I love it.


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