Inspiration – Trudy Rogers Denham

I’ve worked with Trudy in some capacity for her entire graduate career – sometimes in classes, often just as a contributing committee member. It’s always wonderful to see an artist come into a graduate program and make huge changes while maintaining a core of truthfulness about who they are and what they want. Though I’ve seen Trudy’s work shift dramatically, there’s always been a knowing thread through it all. In the first class she took with me we were able to understand drawing itself as that propulsive linear element that moves within any work – whether it be performance, installation, or more traditional forms. I’m so impressed with Trudy’s work and proud to have been able to witness it.

Here are some installation shots from her thesis exhibition – Residuum – please come see it as soon as you can!


Wide view of the first room.


Wide view of the second room.


Professor Daniggelis engaging with the work.

The poetry of the chairs…

2 thoughts on “Inspiration – Trudy Rogers Denham

  1. So is there a footprint where Professor Chris Daniggelis stepped?
    Also highly disappointed that Trudy Rogers Denham isn’t giving a talk about her thesis. She’s a awesome person, and teacher and has a lot of insight and knowledge to share. I would of loved to hear her present her thesis verbally and explain more of the designs and why she chose sand and the material she has. Not to mention the use of space around the pieces and how and what that communicates. How she has used the space as medium as well.

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