The Ballou Collection – Nina (An) Flores

I’m starting a new section of my blog based on artworks that have been given to me – or ones that we have purchased over the years. Many of these are from students or colleagues, and I’m excited to share them. First, is from Nina (An) Flores. This is one of my favorite artworks a student has given me. This piece is a master copy Nina created, a drawing in oil pastel where she copied a ceramic slab made by Bede Clarke. She had the benefit and honor to work from observation on this piece, as Bede let her borrow or original work. The drawing is awesome. 14 by 14 inches on paper, 2012.


And here is a demo that I made earlier in that semester… I drew a portrait of Nina. 12 by 18 inches, oil pastel on paper. 2012.



2 thoughts on “The Ballou Collection – Nina (An) Flores

  1. Mathew,
    I do believe you have hit the nail directly on the head. This is a most excellent idea and your first two pieces are
    not simply awesome but possibly a sort of ‘missing link’ between a 2016 America and that promised afterlife. My only aspiration at this point is to try with all my sincerity to produce and present to you a piece of my own doing that clearly or at least metaphorically speeks to those concerns and is included in the collection……..I mean I really really gotta get a pies in that collection. Could a person get two pieces? One color, one white and black? Or possitive vs negative? Up/down?
    Whatever, you will do very well……it’s what you do!
    On a different note….I’ll bet Easter had a whole new meaning for you…….that Death and Resurection thing probably had you thinking about that heart attache and your beautiful children!!! Please take it easy in the future, we want you around and thank God that your poor departed sister can only die once. I’m not blaming her for your……inconvenient situation but it must be taken into account that the fact that she DID die necessitatedyour travel
    and resulting issues…..
    other inquiries, please leave a single sheet of lined paper with your area of interest clearly delineated and we may eventually get to it. They never just shout out answers…….,.sorry

    Attack life, do not simply wait
    For that attack which will end life!
    Be well and Cary a big stick,
    No wooden quarters :0

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