Color Drawing Gets Rolling, 2017

I am super excited for this semester – I’m really changing things up in Color Drawing and we started off by reinvigorating a group project from last semester. We integrate the past and boost into the future.





img_1535This group drawing is based on Normal Rockwell’s amazing Civil Rights painting, Golden Rule (Do Unto Others) piece of 1961. Click here to see more about the piece.

Here’s to an AMAZING 2017 of creativity and aspiration.

One thought on “Color Drawing Gets Rolling, 2017

  1. It’s always a pleasure Sir.
    Having no idea whatsoever as to how you had previously arranged your color classes as aposed to this new exciting approach……..well I’m in the dark, once again.
    If i might comment on class appearance……EVERYONE is involved. That’s great. Babes and long hairs mostly……..any sense on the core? Are they fully capable of committing themselves entirely, completely to the study of art? It’s one hell of a bite to chew,…go on, just look at yourself, for the sake of Sweet Baby Jesus, this is what you’ve got to show them……that total completeness might just lead them where? Matthew, you have already died once. What does it take?
    I’m glad this one did not come over the Holidays.
    Did you get ice?

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