The Teacher (Ms Sharyn Hyatt-Wade)

Photo Mar 18, 8 11 39 AMThe Teacher (Ms Sharyn Hyatt-Wade), Pastel on Black Paper, 30 by 22 inches, 2014.

Sharyn Hyatt-Wade is synonymous with engaged, passionate teaching here in Mid Missouri. If you ask any of her former students, you’ll hear no end of what this woman has brought to her classrooms over the years. Though she recently retired from teaching high school art after many years, she’s currently a part of the faculty at the University of Missouri. Now she’s working with our Art Ed graduate students to help shape them into the sorts of educators who make real impacts on kids’ lives. Too often public education is about the bottom line: teaching to the test to obtain granular data for the administrative types who allocate funds. Teachers like Sharyn live far beyond that simple concept; they aim to change lives, validate individual experiences, and advocate for student-based successes.

Sharyn’s power and exuberance are kinetic and contagious. She has an uncanny ability to get other people around her on board with her almost instantaneously. She’s a true leader and lover of people. I’m so thankful she’s in our community and is still giving of herself to bring better educational opportunities to everyone. What an amazing career she’s had. What a huge impact. Thanks, Sharyn.


If you’re a former student of Sharyn – at any level, in any capacity – I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share them in the comments below if you want to!

4 thoughts on “The Teacher (Ms Sharyn Hyatt-Wade)

  1. When I was at Rock Bridge High School, I had an art teacher tell me I couldn’t progress from drawing and painting class to AP Art courses because I wasn’t good enough. I was hurt and lost and didn’t take art courses the following semester. One of Sharyn’s art students caught me drawing in the hallway and asked why I wasn’t taking art classes, they dragged me to Sharyn’s classroom, introduced me, showed my sketchbook and Sharyn convinced me to take one of her art classes, she knew I had the talent and she would make sure I made it to the AP Art Course. I made it through AP Art 2 with her. If it wasn’t for Sharyn, I wouldn’t be who I am today. She pushed me to do work at levels, I had previously thought impossible, she taught me what it means to challenge yourself with every piece. If it wasn’t for her, I may have given up when that other teacher told me I couldn’t do it. I still use the Prange watercolor sets I “borrowed” from her classroom and remember her, and what she taught me, and I’m richer for it.

  2. I had Ms. Hyatt as an art teacher through most of high school. To this day she remains the best teacher I have ever had. Ms. Hyatt made EVERY student feel as though their thoughts, and ideas were relevant and important. I have no doubt in my mind that Ms. Hyatt has saved many lives through her teaching.

  3. What a wonderful piece of artwork that completely encapsulates Mrs. Hyatt as a teacher and amazing individual. I graduated from Rock Bridge several years ago, and now that I am a senior in college I can still say to this day that Mrs. Hyatt will always be my favorite teacher I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some pretty awesome professors). Her inspiration, hard work, and genuine care for every student’s improvement, livelihood and well-being has moved mountains. It’s honestly hard to put into words how much of an impact she has had on my life. Thank you, Mrs. Hyatt, for being truly phenomenal in all aspects of the word.

  4. Ms Hyatt-Wade is an amazing woman!!! I took two of her classes in high school (graduated in 2012) and I can say that she put a huge and positive impact on me and my art. Hands down one of my favorite teachers! She cares so much about her students, in class and out of class. She pushed us all do try different things outside of our comfort zone to show us that we can grow in art! After taking two of her classes, I left her class with a piece of art in my hands that I never thought I could have created. It was in the CAL show “Blue” in spring 2012 and remains in my parents house. Not only has that style of art stuck with me, but some of her advice does too. From her, I have learned that it’s okay to mess up sometimes, but you have to keep trying. She also left me with a little more confidence than I had before. She has made an impact on so many other students as well.
    Ms Hyatt is a wonderful, intelligent, creative, and beautiful woman. Inside and out.

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