When a man loves a woman…

…he renovates the main bathroom as a Christmas present while she’s traveling around the world to adopt a daughter. 

New paint, rearranged lighting and towel fixtures, new faucets and drains, and new caulk and sealant on toilet, tub, and sink. New moulding top and bottom, new registers and venting, and a deep clean (wire brush, etc) of everything.

I always try to do a household project for my wife when something huge happens in our lives. Bringing FangFang home is a huge Christmas gift for our family. I wanted to have something special for my wife on her return. Adoption trips are so tough emotionally and physically. It’s nice to have a bright, clean, and cozy space for a shower or bath at home… 

So thankful to my wife and all of the others who have worked to bring this beauty home. 

2 thoughts on “When a man loves a woman…

  1. Two problems I can see right off. They became apparent as soon as I saw the photos you selected to show us the changes you have made. Some nice changes, I might add. HOWEVER! The new scale on that perfectly cleaned floor
    is NOT what your poor wife is in the mood for seeing…..if you can catch my drift. And, it may not seem as important to you but believe me it is! You need to put a new roll in that dispenser. Trust me. Otherwise……you did remember to put the seat down, good boy!

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